Want to make sure we have you working off the best possible update for your pattern? Look below to see. Simply find the pattern title to learn about any updates we may have made to make it closer to perfection! All the updates below have been added to Ravelry with notices sent. 

Bellingham Mitts: 

Right thumb opening: 
Set-up Row: k24, p1, k2, turn work, p2, k1, p to m, remove m, p6, k1, p2, turn work

Left thumb opening: 
Set-up Row: k6, p1, k2 turn, p2, k1, p6, remove m, p24, k1, p2, turn work

Chittick Socks


Treehouse Hat

Needles: US6(4mm) 16in circular needles

Linden Cardigan

For the Back of sweater, after "Repeat Ribbing Row until work measures 2 in(5cm), ending after completing a WS row

 Switch to larger needles" the "*" was adjusted after the p1(1, 2, 3) as shown below:

Next Row (RS): k5(11, 16, 21), p1(1, 2, 3), *work Row 1

Next Row (WS):  p5(11, 16, 21) sts, k1(1, 2, 3), *work