Our second issue DWELL is all about the dwelling places we find ourselves, places we long to create, experiences we need to share. We adventure together with friends along the shore both in the Pacific Northwest and South Pacific.

See how moments to gather with friends looks unique in each place we call home, but share the same smiles and laughter no matter where we are. 

DWELL  takes readers through moments of quiet introspection through unique photo story collections in the woods, along paths, along beaches. 

Knitters can see each knitting pattern sample shown on a variety of sizes and shapes, in different settings and styles. Some patterns are even shown in several yarn and colour combination examples.

11 knitting patterns & 1 sewing pattern

Makkua Tunnels

Treehouse hat

Bellingham mitts

Treehouse mitts

 Babchia's Corner

Japonski Island

Totem pole park