Introductions, I have noticed, happen in many ways.
A friend shares a friend and connects one to another. It lifts the awkward feeling that sometimes accompanies being vulnerable. We step forward and introduce ourselves to someone we have seen before as they look familiar and we want to create (hopefully) a more meaningful relationship. And then there is the way I find myself making introductions...

I watch and enjoy someone, curiosity or appreciation drawing me to what they are doing and then something changes. I realize I would love to know them. I realize that what they are about and it resonates deeply with me. And then I simply write them a note:

I want to be friends.

This is the note from me to you saying that. It is also a note from Melody and everyone else who has a story that creates 6 Bits.

A note simply, unashamedly, honestly saying: I want to be friends.

And let's do that in a variety of different ways. I encourage you, actually I am thrilled to invite you, to visit our calendar and see what we have planned to connect with you these next several weeks. We even have a handy way to add reminders to your calendar as to not miss things!
We will share our selves and our stories with you. We look forward to you doing the same in any way you feel comfortable.

We want to be friends.

With aloha,